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 Hare and Guu...

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PostSubject: Hare and Guu...   Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:23 am

this show is randomly awesome ;D

Guu's stomach
is a world, filled with buildings, hundred legged cats, and a nice
young couple of lovers that have been trapped there for ages (but
apparently don't mind their predicament). Other than Haré, no character
seems to be aware of Guu's strange nature (or for that matter the
bizarre circumstances surrounding everything else in the series). The
weird events that occur because of her are only ever acknowledged by
Haré. Everyone who is eaten by Guu, only to be spat out later
(excluding Haré) dismisses what happened as "sleeping" (occasionally,
dreaming about Guu's Stomach world). Haré even dismisses his first time
in Guu's Stomach but is quickly proved wrong. There are other strange
things Guu can do, which defy the laws of physics, logic, and reality,
such as (but not limited to) superhuman strength, elongate her body
parts, breathe underwater, teleport, time travel, cause people to
switch bodies, read minds, cause disco music to play suddenly, switch
her face (from a cute face to a weird face), transform into a giant
kaiju monster version of herself, and incite mental breakdowns in Haré,
though the latter is more of a talent than an actual power.

reading that character description...
already hooked me...
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Hare and Guu...
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