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 Officer Meeting

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PostSubject: Officer Meeting   Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:49 pm

hey officer of anime club!
this is your president and i am calling a meeting that it is a must

the thing is that...

our club needs:::
fundraising events
set game tournaments topics
set movie or episode topics
talk about new events to hold
need to review about art contests
need to talk about rewards
and whole lot more...

we need to make flyers and poster for club rush that will start on the 2nd week of school
so i need to have that thing done by then...
which means
**Eve-- make a poster that has the world anime club and you can have other people draw anime characters or decorate it in anime by Sept.11th
also i need you to make flyers that looks interesting with small info about the club and the club events
so when we do have a meeting on the 11th, i need you to bring it in that day.
**Peter-- i need you to make a membership form that we can distribute during the club rush
i also need this during the first officer meeting on the 11th so have that prepared.
**Sergio-- when we have our first meeting i need you to come to the meeting with a planned out fundraising event
**James-- make sure that you have some fresh idea that we can use during the school year
also i'm going to ask you that i need those ideas to be planned out well
**Jinsu & Keenan-- help james and i with planning the events and i need you to help james to come up with new ideas that are planned well so that we can start using them

okay everyone
since we didnt meet at all this summer this is how it's going to be..
i'll send text to all of you to say
i have updated info for the officers...
so there...


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Officer Meeting
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